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Spiritual Direction (The Studion)

The Studion is a two-year, part-time program that trains people in the theory, practice, history, and psychology of spiritual direction offered by The Studion School for Spiritual Direction. It offers an opportunity for significant spiritual growth rooted in an experiential, interactive, and communal learning experience.

Spiritual direction is a one-on-one relationship where a spiritual director helps a directee grow and deepen their relationship with God and this program and the ministry of spiritual direction are perfectly suited for those who want to grow and deepen spirituality and help others do the same. Graduates may discover many opportunities to use their skills: in educational, church ministry and retreat centre settings, and most anywhere where spiritual care in a Christian context is needed.  

The Studion training covers a broad range of topics: the journey of forgiveness, life transitions, prayer themes in scripture, sexuality and spirituality, and Christian spiritual traditions. The core of the training revolves around a series of silent-directed retreats and specific in-depth training in skills germane to spiritual direction such as prayer, discernment, contemplation, wisdom, emphatic listening, and presence. 

This program also includes a practicum component where students practice spiritual direction under supervision. A complete description of the course and all of the subjects covered, 40 in total, is available upon request. Please contact the instructor Ron Klok at for more information.

Visit the Studion website for more information.

Available as a public access course

This course is a non-credit public access course. Public access courses are offered at a reduced rate, and you do not need to be a King's student to register. 

This program is administered apart from The King's University.

There are currently no upcoming sections of this program scheduled.

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