Get Involved

Student Involvement

Students from a range of King’s programs, including Psychology, Sociology, and Environmental Studies, have been involved in a wide diversity of community engaged research projects. Students who participate in CER projects:

  • Engage in research projects that serve the community in unique and creative ways.
  • Become equipped with valuable research and professional skills.
  • Are better able to link theory and practice in the classroom.
  • Develop positive research relationships with community partners based on mutual trust, open communication, respect, careful listening, and engagement over time.
  • Listen to and learn from different cultural and disciplinary perspectives on societal issues.
  • Gain confidence in working with others to address challenging social and environmental issues.
  • Develop a sense of responsibility and stewardship as citizens of their communities.

Students interested in working on a community engaged research project should talk to a Faculty member in their program or contact the Program Manager for Community Engaged Research.

Community Partners

Community engaged research begins with our community partners. Community partners are not-for-profit organizations or informal community groups that have a research question they would like to explore in collaboration with King’s students and Faculty. Community partners:

  • Propose a research question they want to investigate.
  • Partner with King’s in the design of their CER project.
  • Work with King’s students and faculty to implement the research project.
  • Acquire research capacity and outputs that are valuable to their organization’s work.
  • Benefit from research expertise at King’s.
  • Provide opportunities for King’s students to develop research and professional skills.

Community organizations or groups with a potential CER project idea should contact the Program Manager for Community Engaged Research. If the project is a good fit with the programs, resources, and expertise available at King’s, CER will work with them to develop a CER Partnership Agreement that establishes the project’s objectives, research strategy, and outputs.