Allan Nelson, B.Mus. Performer's Certificate

Student Experience

I was a little hesitant about attending a Christian institution, but quickly learned that King’s isn’t what I expected. The professors are inclusive and open-minded; It’s a place where I fit in, even though I didn’t think I would.

King’s has a strong music program. I chose Music Performance because I like performing and learning about repertoire. It’s nice to learn about the history of music and some of the intentions behind it, and I’ve discovered new passions and talents for writing and composition. I already teach violin, but I want to become as great a teacher as my teacher has been to me. I make an important distinction between teaching and instructing: teaching changes lives, and instructing changes the way you play. My goal is to teach my students that music is enriching, and to communicate the love of music through performance.

"King's is a place where I fit in, even though I didn’t think I would."

I started playing the fiddle when I was 16, and classical violin at 23. The fiddle is a good starting point, but I always wanted to play classical music. I teach fiddle because it’s fun, accessible, and more community based. There’s no pressure to be perfect, which makes it a great environment for kids and young adults to learn. I don’t feel completely welcome in the fiddle community, because I’ve experienced some discrimination as a gay person of colour, but I can still teach what I learned and the joy that it brought me.

Eventually, I’d like to get my Master’s in Composition and have a family. I want to see my students grow up in a good music community that is centered around fun instead of judgment. Classical music can be competitive, but it has the potential to be fun and easy-going like the fiddle. I hope to build a bridge between the two, and my classes at King’s are giving me lots of ideas and inspiration. Music is something that everyone should be able to enjoy without feeling like they’re losing a part of themselves.

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