Anna Boesenkool, B.A. Philosophy '20

Student Experience

I am beginning a PhD in Philosophy in September 2020. King's has certainly paved the way for me to pursue this avenue! 

"Being at King's has encouraged me to engage deeply with the world around me. I have grown exponentially because of this."

One question I have been asked often is, "how are you applying what you're learning in class to the real world?". Truthfully, I don't think my studies are divorced from the real world. My engagement with philosophy and my time at King's is the real world. Through studying philosophy I've engaged with all aspects of my life more fruitfully and critically, whether it be my faith, my job, my relationships or my classes. Philosophy has given me the tools to engage more deeply with the 'everyday' of my life. 

If I can offer any advice to new students it would be to surround yourself with people who love what they're studying and love talking about it! Nothing is more inspiring than hearing about what my friends are pursuing and what projects they are investing their time to; they inspire me to be better, and ultimately, we grow together.

Program at King's

Bachelor of Arts - Philosophy and Theology 

Graduation Year


Career Aspirations

Professor of Philosophy