Ben Dueck, B.Com. Business '24

Student Experience

I chose King's because I value having a community that is centred around Jesus. When it came to choosing a major, I chose business because it applies to a variety of occupations. I hope to use my business degree in the music industry or in some creative capacity.

My favourite course so far has been THEO 250 with Dr. Rillera. The class walked through the Bible from start to finish, focusing on the overarching story. Before the class, I knew the popular Bible stories like Samson and David and Goliath, but didn't really know how they fit together. Now I have a better understanding of the whole Bible and God's ultimate goal of restoration.

During my time at King's, I hope to meet more like-minded people who love music, business and Jesus. It's easy to find like-minded people because of the small class sizes. It's been great to get to know my classmates and meet people who are fun to hang out with outside of school. Using my makeshift home studio off campus, I hope to build a community where people can have fun and feel God's joy while making music. My roommates and I have a makeshift studio at our house. When we come home in the evenings, we usually jam out or make a beat together. We also love having people over to do the same.

I usually experience God when spending time in devotion with students and teachers. I have enjoyed attending a Bible study with Dr. Kim and watching The Chosen series with students on a regular basis. This Bible study has shown me how business relates to the Bible and given me a good example of how to be a follower of God in the business world.

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Career Aspiration

Music Producer