Bianca Dublois, B.Ed. Elementary Education '21

Student Experience

Having achieved my undergraduate degree from King’s, completing my after-degree in education at King’s has been the perfect fit. I hope to walk out of King’s ready to take on the task of guiding elementary students to grow into the best humans they can be.

"Education at King's is preparing me to be the best teacher, caregiver and person I can be. I am so grateful for this place."

I have been so blessed by this program. It’s not only teaching me to be the best teacher I can be, but also to be the best person for myself and for the ones that will one day call me “Ms. Dublois”. One of the best parts of the program is the “teacher toolbox” that you walk out with. It’s a box full of knowledge, hands-on art projects, resources and lifelong teacher friends ready to support, exchange ideas, and work together as you start your own classrooms. 

My biggest takeaway thus far is to choose life and to love often. This may be in regards to practical life things like making lesson plans, classroom management or helping students succeed but the right choice will always be the one that puts love first. I hope to take this into my first practicum placement, and one day into my own classroom. 

King's student, Bianca Dublois

Program at King's

Bachelor of Education - Elementary Education

Graduation Year


Career Aspirations

Elementary school teacher