Brianna Geddert, B.A. English '21

Student Experience

Coming out of high school I had everything planned perfectly. I would live at home, attend the University of Saskatchewan, study pre-med, and eventually work at the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon. Personal health concerns lead to me receiving treatment in Edmonton where I reluctantly agreed to attend King’s Open House. My parents thought that going to school in Edmonton closer to my treatment team would be best, but I wasn’t convinced. Within 10 minutes on campus I knew that my ‘perfect’ plan was all wrong. King’s was where I needed to be.

"I found a faith community at King’s that I could relate to, and who accepted me for me."

At King’s, I was initially nervous about not being wholly accepted for who I am and who I want to be. Here, I found a faith community that has accepted me for who I am, who I have yet to become and all the places I find myself growing. My classmates and professors continue to provide examples of faith and strength that encourage me to keep going when life gets hard and I feel alone. King’s has allowed me to let my heart show and truly embrace the growth I needed to start becoming who I am without fear.

King's student, Brianna Geddert

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