Caleb Notenbomer, B.Com. Business '22

Student Experience

My favourite part of being a student here currently is being able to attend class in-person. I think that is a privilege that not everyone has been able to experience over the past couple years. But overall it's the community. I love being able to walk down the halls and know a majority of the people by name. Having this kind of relationship with both students and professors here has been one of my favourite aspects. Plus the free cinnamon buns and breakfasts from the commuter program is a pretty good bonus too!

I initially chose the business program because I think it provides the most opportunity and options. If I wanted to return to work on the farm, a business degree would be valuable in running it. If I decided to become an accountant, a business degree would enable me to continue on to that as well. I believe that this program is well-rounded and allows me to keep my options open.

My favourite course that I've taken so far at Kings would be stats that I took with Dr. Tetyana Khramova. I know that makes me sound a bit nerdy, but I really enjoyed those classes and how she taught the material. My other favourite course would be a popular music course with Dr. Stolte, that was a lot of fun too.

Program at King's


Graduation Year


Career Aspiration

Accountant or Farmer