Caleb Vetter, B.Ed. Elementary '22

Student Experience

My favourite part of being a student at King's is the unique professor-student relationship. I have the tradition of beginning each term by arranging a short chat with many different faculty members. They help me contextualize my life experience and provide so much encouragement and warmth. The availability of King's professors is unmatched in my opinion and enriches my learning.

I chose the Elementary Education program at King's because I am passionate about early education. As a father to three young boys, I have experienced firsthand the excitement and joy that young ones bring to the world. As a stay-at-home father for six years, I spent endless hours with blocks, playing outside, and soaking in the unstructured play that comes so naturally to young children. Inspired by these experiences and my love of teaching coming out of my previous work as a music pastor, I chose King's as the place to grow personally and professionally in the area of Elementary Education.

I am excited to learn about the topic of play. In play, we experience the creative potential innate in our nature as image-bearers of God. Our professors in the Elementary Education program have clearly linked the quantitative evidence supporting play-based learning to the professional teaching practices that will guide our work as teachers. This excites me because it supports and invigorates my commitment to young children and their unique contributions to our world.

During my time at King's, I have embraced student leadership as a major vehicle for my learning. While outside of normal classroom experience, student leadership opportunities have given me chances to think through many aspects of public life that I have not considered before. Navigating the complex religious, social and political landscape of our world has created connections for me well beyond the classroom setting. Turning toward my upcoming role as a school teacher in Alberta, student leadership will help guide my transition to the world of public education and the competing tensions that exist within the profession.

Program at King's

Elementary Education

Graduation Year


Career Aspiration

Kindergarten Teacher