Desernique Ricketts, B.Sc. Biology '21

Student Experience

To be honest, I didn’t even know about King’s at first. I had admission to another university and started choosing my classes, took my I.D. picture, paid my deposit . . . everything. However, something just didn’t feel right. I took a university survey online and The King’s University was one of my top matches. When I googled King’s to see what it was about, I thought, “wow, this is awesome!” It’s small, the student to teacher ratio is superb, the diversity caught my eye, and, most of all, it is a Christian institution. What really grabbed my attention was how quickly I heard from the Admissions team. I thought to myself, “this school really cares!” They were quick to book a meeting with me and walk me through the application process. I felt a sense of community here immediately and didn’t even care that I had paid a deposit to another university. I submitted my application, got accepted right away, and have never looked back. This is the best decision I could have made for my undergraduate degree.

"I felt a sense of community here immediately. This is the best decision I could have made for my undergraduate degree."

One lesson I’ve learned is how important it is to get involved. I know as university students we tend to be so busy that we lack community participation, but getting involved has pushed me and helped me to get over some of my hardest days. Being a student Ambassador and a member of the Student Life team has allowed me to build relationships that have proven to be oh so beneficial. Sometimes it's just good to know that my next study break involves volunteering for prospective students or helping my peers. King's has definitely taught me to immerse myself in extracurriculars while keeping a healthy balance. There is so much I have learned from being involved outside of the classroom that enables me to be well-rounded and well-equipped for what's to come.

To all the first years reading this: it’s okay not to know exactly what your degree will get you. I know you are anxious coming out of high school with everyone asking, "so what are you going to do after you graduate?" It is okay for your answer to be "I am not sure what lies ahead, but I am destined to be great.” Enjoy your university years, make connections, talk with your professors, and just be the best you that you can be. You got this!

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