Ellen Mikhail, B.Ed. Elementary '22

Student Experience

Being an educator has always been a dream and passion of mine. From a young age, I would always volunteer in other classrooms in my school. I taught rhythmic gymnastics for over 15 years to all ages. I even taught a Grade 2 class in the Middle East. I always find myself in leadership roles where I am teaching and supporting those around me. When COVID first happened, I had been working in the travel industry for 10 years. Like most, I started to re-evaluate my professional aspirations. Teaching was always at the forefront of my mind, and I am so blessed and thankful that I made the decision to apply and that I was accepted into the BEAD program. These past two years have been filled with knowledge, growth and amazing experiences.

With the small class sizes, I love the ability to be able to build relationships with not only classmates, but professors. Student-professor relationships may not be common in larger universities, but at King's there has to be something said about the relationships that are built with our professors. The Education program is like a little family. Whether you are in the Elementary or Secondary stream. I like that as a classroom community we grew and developed together these past two years. We were able to lean on each other when needed, laugh a lot and share moments of panic when an assignment deadline was approaching. For me, the relationships that I built are what made the education experience as successful and enjoyable as it has been.

Both literacy courses that I took over the last two years with Dr. Jacqueline Filipek have been the most impactful. The combination of material and professor knowledge are what made the courses the most memorable. Dr. Filipek goes above and beyond for each and everyone of her students. She is invested in not only what she is teaching, but her students as well. She provided real-life examples and made sure each one of us would be set up for success in the classroom. Literacy is crucial in the academic success of a student, and Dr. Filipek ensured we were well prepared and felt confident going into both practicums. Her assignments were impactful, relatable and meaningful. I would tell anyone considering a literacy class at King's, to take it with her.

My dreams for myself are to show my two young daughters that it is never too late to go after what you want. Also, during the remaining weeks of my practicum, our classroom community continues to lean on, collaborate and support one another. We started this journey together and we will end it together. It is my wish to see all fellow classmates successful in their path to becoming teachers. It is such a blessing watching others flourish and grow and witnessing it firsthand is remarkable.

Professionally, I look forward to getting my own classroom and beginning my professional career as an educator. I cannot wait to help shape the young minds of tomorrow, and being a tiny piece in a student's academic journey.

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