Elyse Abma, Masters of Public History

Life after King's

I am currently pursuing a Masters of Art in Public History at the University of Victoria because I am passionate about people. The general understand is that history is boring and only features dead guys who did amazing, or horrific things. Truthfully, history is about stories - stories that bind communities together and connect generations. 

"There is no better place to pursue the journey of self-discovery than King's."

I love King's because of its familiarity. Even if you don't know everyone by name, you still know who they are and are surrounded by a community that desires to know you and care for you. I had opportunities as a King's student to work with the Gerry Segger Heritage Collection on campus collecting oral histories, this work has continued into my graduate studies. I am forever grateful that so many people have taken the time to tell me their stories because they too think that this work is important. 

I always tell new students not to put too much pressure on their dreams. Allow yourself space to questions and grow because that's what university is there for - to grow in your already known passions, and discover new ones you didn't know you had. There is no better place to pursue this journey of discovery than King's. 

King's Alumna, Elysa Abma

Program at King's

Bachelor of Arts - History

Graduation Year


Current Occupation

Masters Student in Public History, University of Victoria