Emma Woolner, Virology Research Technician

Life after King's

My liberal arts education at King's prepared me for more than just sitting in classrooms memorizing facts and principles that left my brain as soon as my final exams were done. Instead, my courses taught me analytical thought: to criticize my own biases and think on my own, to analyze and research. A wide range of courses from philosophical ethics to theology gave me a taste of many different disciplines and helped me think about my true interest and passion - biochemistry.

"Having a liberal arts education from King's prepared me for more than just memorizing facts. At King's, I learnt how to think critically and connect the world around me to my work."

I love to learn about the chemical processes that drive biological systems. That love took me through my degree at King's and led me to graduate school at the University of Alberta. I received my Masters degree in Biochemistry in 2011. From there I moved into a fulfilling and impactful career researching diseases like cancer to viruses such as COVID-19.

King's alumna, Emma Woolner

Program at King's

Bachelor of Science - Biology

Graduation Year


Current Occupation

Research technician at a Virology Lab at the University of Alberta