Emmanuel Odera, B.A. Psychology '25

Student Experience

I’ve learned a lot about myself at King’s; about how to take advantage of the world around me. I’m also learning about persistence as well, in sports (I’m on the basketball team), academics, and just in life in general.

My goal at King’s is to build relationships and learn more about myself. I really want to enjoy the journey of doing that: to say I learned more about who I really am and to see that I built a few more friendships in the process. I think that would be worth it all, and I thank Jesus for the opportunity to do that. 

I chose to study psychology because I want to learn more about how and why we work. I want to be able to get to the core of some of the personal and societal issues we face and help create long-term practical solutions for them.

My favourite course has been philosophy. The chance to expand my mind through critical thinking has been a great experience. Philosophy has given me a chance to explore and think about things that I might not have otherwise and to hear perspectives that I may not have been introduced to. It’s been a blessing because I’m learning about others, myself and how we all experience the world. It’s a chance to see how everybody thinks and feels, and the ability to see the differences in us and how God created us all individually special. 

In reference to the body of Christ, it’s like we’re all unique puzzle pieces that together create a masterpiece we couldn’t have otherwise without our God-perfected differences. I believe that’s the essence of life, being able to be in relationship with one another and express ourselves to each other. I feel the more we can do that the better off society will be. 

I think that the future of this world is trapped in the beauty of each person. We all have something to offer that in our presence makes the world a better place. That’s one of my goals in life, to offer what I have and to pray that I can see others do the same.

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