Erica Kath, B.A. English '22

Student Experience

I initially chose King’s because I was interested in having classes that were smaller in size and more discussion-based; however, throughout my time here I have learned that the community that flourishes at King’s isn’t simply because the classes are small, but rather because of how the professors and staff create intentional spaces that students feel safe and welcomed in. We journey together, enjoy coffee together, welcome each other, and challenge each other.

Professors encourage students to consider the deeper questions that many other academic institutions do not address—questions about meaning, relationality, spirituality, and purpose. When I sit in a class, I always leave the lecture having learned not only about course material, but also something about myself and something about the community that I want to create in the world. 

From King’s, I have learned that in order to build an authentic community, we need people who are brave enough to be vulnerable and ask the big “why?” questions and who are also willing to be there for others when they struggle with the answer to these questions. I know in my experience of being challenged with these questions, the King’s professors, staff, and students, have consistently been there to support me and encourage me as I work through these questions.

Although King’s is a rigorous academic institution, the professors and staff that work here are not simply concerned with providing students with information, but they are also focused on formation and transformation—the transformation of spirit, heart, and mind. The way they have challenged me to think about my education in a meaningful and transformative way has fundamentally impacted how I think about higher education and research.

I want to pursue a career in academia—with hopes to someday complete a PhD in English Literature—and I want to bring this model of loving servitude and community to my own classrooms. I want to show students that they belong, make them feel heard and seen, and make space for their ideas to flourish.

Program at King's

English (currently studying for a semester at Oxford)

Graduation Year


Career Aspiration

Professor of English Literature