Dr. Joanne Moyer, How Faith Communities Engage Environmental Sustainability in Canada

Faculty Research

The current state of the globe’s social-ecological systems present multiple challenges, from climate change and biodiversity loss, to global inequities and poverty, among many others.

This project addresses the increasing need to better understand environmental sustainability activities among faith-based groups in Canada. The broad purpose is to understand such activities among diverse faith communities at the institutional and congregational levels and to discover the relationships among learning, mobilization, and the actions taken by these groups and individuals within them.

Some argue that faith-based approaches can make strong contributions to sustainability, through a capacity to engage values, worldviews, and beliefs that shape and motivate behaviour, and through established organizational and education infrastructures that reach significant populations.

In addition to creating a baseline understanding of faith-based environmental engagement in Canada, this research will contribute to developing an understanding of how transformation occurs, both at the individual level, through learning, and at the social level, through collective action and social movements.


Dr. Joanne Moyer 


PhD in Natural Resource and Environmental Management - University of Manitoba

Field of Research 

Environmental Sustainability