Jed Jespersen, B.Com. Business '22

Student Experience

My favourite part of King’s has to be the community of people. I feel so comfortable in all my classes, and now that I am in my fifth year I know most of my peers very well. This makes working on group projects and engaging in classroom discussions so much better. 

Aside from my peers in class, I really enjoy spending time with my teammates as I came here to play volleyball. I was enrolled at NAIT and was going to play there, but after being recruited to King’s I met some of the guys, got a vibe for the culture, and decided to make the switch.

I was initially going to study accounting, but over time became more interested in other aspects of finance such as capital markets and economics. I have always been entrepreneurial and after a career in finance or management consulting, I would like to start my own business or join with my dad in managing our family farm and its auxiliary businesses. 

My favourite professor is Dr Kim. He is always interested in what I am up to and is a great person to bounce ideas off of. He has lots of interesting stories and I always appreciate going to his class.

After taking a lot of accounting and finance classes early on, in recent years I have focused more on management classes. I really enjoy international business, small-business startup and management, and business strategy. I like learning about how to engage stakeholders and sustainably manage a business so that it benefits all parties from suppliers, to shareholders and, most importantly, employees. I also really enjoy learning about how to do business across borders and engage with other cultures and business atmospheres.

In my import project with the international business class we were instructed to find an interesting product that had the potential to find a good market here in Alberta. After finding mine I decided to invest some money and import four crates of goods from Shanghai. I am excited to explore the process of importing, marketing, and selling this inventory.

Program at King's


Graduation Year


Career Aspiration

Entrepreneur, Consultant