Joel Vederas, Politics, History & Economics

I was born and raised in Edmonton. I knew I wanted to stay in Edmonton throughout university and had a few options to consider. What really appealed to me about King’s was the small class sizes, the thought of walking into an introductory class at another institution with 500 students really overwhelmed me. I initially came with the intention of transferring to a bigger institution after my first year or two but something about this place made me want to stay. I’m graduating this year and can honestly say that I’m so happy I made the decision to stay at a post-secondary institution where staff and faculty see me as a person, not just a number, and know me by name. 

My biggest piece of advice for students coming to King’s would be to talk to your professors as often as possible. I know it seems intimidating but that’s one of the joys of King’s, you have a unique opportunity to really form relationships with your professors. I can guarantee you that they want to help you, they want to get to know you and they genuinely want to see you succeed – both in classes and following your time at King’s. 

King's PHE student, Joel Vederas


Politics, History & Economics

Graduation Year