Josh Pires, B.Ed. Secondary '22

I had great teachers in high school and from the get-go I said: ‘Teaching, that’s what I want to do.’ King’s advertised at my school a lot. It was always on my mind, so I checked it out.

My grad class was me and five other people, but I really came to appreciate that because I found that’s the best kind of learning that you can get. That’s how you make the best friends. So when I came to King’s and I saw that it was very much like that, very small classes where you just really get to know your professors, I really fell in love with the people, the profs and the style of much smaller classrooms. Of course the Christian base was really important and having that woven through everything that you’re learning.

To be able to give hope has ripple effects. As I started learning at King’s, it really became apparent that I can make a change in the world by helping students value themselves, love themselves, find hope for their own futures, and help them turn that hope outwards to the people around them.

A bad teacher affects how students approach learning and even how they approach authority and the idea of school. I want to show that learning is great and that there is value in learning by itself. It all comes down to the Christian message of helping people to love themselves. I think it was Dr. Gerda Kits who said this, she was a guest speaker in one of my classes, she said even if there’s nothing you can do, you just have to have hope. It helps you to see things differently.


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