Julia Slomp, B.Ed. Elementary '22

Student Experience

Having earned my undergraduate degree at King's in 2020, working towards my after degree in elementary education has been a perfect next step.

The most important thing that I have learned from my time at King's, and what I hope to bring into my final practicum placement, is how important it is to lead with compassion. Whether I am creating a lesson plan, implementing classroom management, or working to help students succeed, the right actions are always the ones that put love first. My time at King's has taught me to seize life, to love often, and to see the good and spread it.

Right now I am in an Inclusive Education course and an Advanced Reading Theory course. Both of these courses are super interesting to me. In Inclusive Education, we learn about breaking down barriers to inclusion in the classroom. Our professor challenges us to think about how we as teachers can advocate on behalf of all of our students and create a classroom culture that welcomes, empowers, and equips each and every student.

My Advanced Reading Theory course prepares us to teach elementary students how to read and write. Literacy rates can vary in each classroom, and this course gives us the tools to assess and develop students' literacy skills.

This program is such a blessing. It not only teaches me to be the best teacher that I can be, it is also preparing me to be the best caretaker and human that I can be. One of my favourite parts of the program is the collection of "teacher tools" that you leave with. It's like a toolkit filled with resources, art projects, knowledge, and a network of long-lasting teacher friendships willing to support, encourage, collaborate, and share ideas as we each start up our own classrooms.

As you would expect from a Christian university, I definitely would say that I experience God in the classroom at King's. Throughout my undergraduate courses and my after-degree courses, we have been challenged to think about how our faith meets our respective disciplines. I think what sets King's apart from other institutions is that God is so visible in the "in-between". The moments between classes, where professors and students and faculty are walking through the halls and chatting with one another, that is where I see God.

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