Kaiden Aceron, Sociology

Attending King’s has been my plan for years. It has always been my goal to be a high school teacher so naturally King’s education program became the dream. That’s not the only reason I chose to attend King’s, it was definitely a big reason but not the only reason. I went to a Christian high school and continuing my post-secondary education at a faith based institution was a huge priority for me, along with continuing my volleyball career. King’s provided me with the opportunity to be an Eagle right out of high school. Everything lined up and I knew that King’s was where I was meant to be. 

I’m only half way through my undergrad at this point so I know I have some time before I get into my own classroom but I do know exactly where I want to be. Ultimately, I want to be working in inner city schools with students who need more than just a teacher to teach curriculum. I want to be a great role model for my students one day and really be someone they can trust, maybe bring volleyball and sports to this group of students to help them reach their potential. 

King's student, Kaiden Aceron


Bachelor of Arts - Sociology

Graduation Year