Kaija Feldbusch, B.Mus. '22

Student Experience

My favourite part of being a student here is being a part of the community at King's. I remember my first year, when everything was new and unfamiliar. Older music students readily introduced themselves to me and offered me assistance with courses, answers to any questions I had, and reassurance that I would enjoy King's. Being offered that level of support meant so much to me and helped me feel comfortable almost immediately. 

Throughout my King's experience, I have time and again experienced that same level of friendliness and support from strangers, friends, and profs. While being a student can be tough, it is made so much easier by the amazing and supportive community that King's offers. I have been touched by how much the profs care for their students and I have made some amazing friends here that I know will last a lifetime.

Although all of the music courses at King's have been interesting and enriching, one of my favourites is my weekly piano lesson with Dr. Segger. My lessons are a time of wonder and discovery where together we work to create art out of sound. Passages I find difficult are made easier by Dr. Segger's suggestions, and in places where I struggle to understand what the music is saying, he helps me dig deeper until we can reveal the meaning behind the notes. I walk out of my lessons inspired and with a renewed sense of purpose for my practising for the week ahead.

I often get nervous performing in front of an audience, but my experience at King’s has equipped me with strategies to perform under pressure. King's has shaped me into a well-rounded musician, and I regularly see the impact of what I have learned while I am practising and performing.

I have learned to apply a broad variety of musical techniques and skills to my studies, and to my daily life. For instance, I teach beginner piano lessons over Zoom and can correct my students' wrong notes even when I can’t see their hands because I know how the chords and melody are supposed to sound. I can do this because I have received excellent aural skills training. I have learned a lot from my coursework, and have also been shown how different aspects of music interact and come together, and the more I study, the more I observe these connections in the music that I play. King's has built me into a confident and well-rounded musician.

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Music Therapist