Kalley Lasola, B.Sc. Computing Science ‘21

Student Experience

One day I walked into King's after seeing it while driving down 50th street, and was instantly surprised by how welcoming people were to show me—a complete stranger—around. The class sizes and sense of community made me apply on the spot and ignite my excitement about my future. Coming to King's was definitely an unexpected and pivotal decision that I would without a doubt make again.

"A post-secondary education is where I discover the things about myself that work towards shaping the future I look forward to."

Some advice I would give to first year students in general is to utilize the university as much as you can. Whether it be through forming relationships with the staff, seeking academic or mental health support, or joining clubs, there's so much that King's has to offer to make sure that our years here are as fulfilling as possible. Things become a lot less scary once you realize that there are other students who feel the same way you do, and professors who know how you feel and very much care about guiding you. A word of advice to computing science first years: stack overflow is your best friend.

If you asked anyone at King's what their favourite part of being a student here is, they'll most likely say the community—and I wholeheartedly agree. However, while I deeply cherish the relationships that I have made here, and take pride in King’s for cultivating them, a close second would be the courses. I know there are some strong opinions about foundational courses, but had I not needed to take them in my first year, I probably would not have discovered my strong interest in subjects like English (my minor) and Philosophy. For me, a post-secondary education is where I discover the things about myself that work towards shaping the future I look forward to, and I am a completely different person than I was during my first year (in a very good way!) thanks to King's. Being a student here is uniquely enriching in the connections we are encouraged to make across disciplines that enable us to grow in ways that we don't expect.

Program at King's

Computing Science

Graduation Year


Career Aspiration

Software Developer