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Kathryn Binnema: Environment Canada

Located 175 km southeast off the coast of mainland Nova Scotia, Kathryn Binnema worked for the Meteorological Service of Canada as a weather technician on Sable Island.

During a summer internship as part of her Environmental Studies program, Katheryn spent her time on the island preparing, releasing and overseeing daily weather balloons and participating in extra science projects on the island. The weather balloon data Kathryn collected was gathered to form a comprehensive model of the conditions of the upper atmosphere which meteorologists use to predict weather both in Canada and worldwide.

In addition to routine weather monitoring, Kathryn spent time monitoring pollutant gases, taking flask samples, and downloading algae bloom data. She also aided in the island’s robust invertebrate study. Due to the isolated location, the job provided unique challenges—such as interacting with a small team in remote conditions—but many rewarding experiences as well. Her time on the Sable Island affirmed her desire to have an outdoor career and taught her to trust in her abilities and judgment.


Bachelor of Science - Environmental Studies

Graduation Year