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Keltie Mac Kenzie: Canadian Heritage Program Advisor

After graduating from both the history and education programs at King’s, Keltie began working in museum education which enabled her to focus on her love for history more than she would have been able to in a typical classroom setting.

She worked in museum education for a number of years where she was involved with the Edmonton Historical Board and played a key role in the creation of Wheritage - an interactive cartography game of Fort Edmonton Park's built heritage. Following this, Keltie landed her dream job with Canadian Heritage as a Senior Program Advisor. Her role involves using federal funding to promote stewardship and sustainability at arts and heritage sites across Canada.

"I love promoting diverse communities and faithful stewardship. It's so rewarding to see the ways in which my work impacts physical and social landscapes across Canada. I live out my passion for history each day. Every morning I look out the window of my office and see King's Tower in the distance. It's an amazing reminder of where I came from, and how properly equipping yourself to follow your calling can take you places you never imagined."

In addition to her work with Canadian Heritage, Keltie currently sits as the public member on the Edmonton Historical Board Communications Committee where she advises the City of Edmonton on best practices for preservation of the city’s stories through commemoration, recognition, and preservation of local history.

King's Alumni Keltie McKenzie


Bachelor of Arts - History
Bachelor of Education in Secondary Education 

Graduation Year