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Kyla Dykema: Elementary Teacher

Having graduated from the elementary education program in 2017, Kyla is just beginning her career as a teacher and already faces tough and challenging situations. The neighbourhood which her school is located in means the majority of her students come to the classroom with behavioural issues, difficult home lives, cognitive delays, autism, or are refugees just beginning to learn the English language.

Working in a setting where children are struggling with anything from challenging home lives to mental illness can take a serious toll on someone. Sometimes Kyla heads home at the end of a day with the thought ‘I hope they’re ok tonight’ front and centre in her mind.

But Kyla was uniquely prepared for a challenging classroom environment from day one and she is determined to make a difference in the lives of her students. 

Throughout her Education program, one core teaching principle in particular resonated with her: build relationships. Everyday Kyla is dedicated to creating a safe place for her students - a place where they know they belong. To see improvement is a huge reason why any teacher wants to teach. For Kyla, seeing students begin to flourish in a warm, welcoming environment that she worked hard to create is what motivates her the most.

King's Alumni Kyla Dykema


Bachelor of Education - Elementary Education

Graduation Year