Ludivine Maniraguha, Psychology & Communication Arts

My favorite part about being a student at King’s is the holistic approach King’s has when it comes to education. Here, you are not just another number in a classroom or another student to your professors; you are a son, a daughter, a friend, a mother and so many other things. There is an innate understanding that when you leave classes at the end of the day you are returning to other things, the professors here know that and want to work with you to help you thrive. 

I know that the staff and faculty here at King’s work to see me prosper. There is a huge emphasis on vocation in the psychology program, and at King’s institutionally - helping students find their passions and the best avenues to pursue these. I am graduating from my undergraduate degree in Psychology, minoring in English, this year. I feel extremely supported by the King’s community as I enter this season of transition. 

In my case, the stress following graduation has been less about finding a job and more about finding a job that fits who I’ve become and what I want to accomplish in the world. The King’s community has developed me to be the kind of person who doesn’t simply settle for what’s out there, so I’ve decided to rather make space in this world for my goals and build my own positions. 

King's student, Ludivine Maniraguha


Bachelor of Arts - Psychology and Communication Arts

Graduation Year