Luke Greidanus, B.Sc. Chemistry and Micah Certificate ‘21

Student Experience

This past year and a half I became really involved with The Micah Centre. I was part of the Justice Fellowship in 2019/2020, and that was such a transformative experience. I have always had a passion for justice work, probably from growing up in Namibia. The Justice Fellowship helped me realize that passion and how to incorporate it into my life. I came out of the Justice Fellowship with a new sense of vocation. I knew that whatever I decided to do, serving the marginalized and working towards justice had to be at the centre of it. I had a particular interest in working with refugees and Professor Nicolai-deKoning set me up with an amazing internship at Kinbrace Community Society, which is a refugee claimant organization in Vancouver. It was so impactful to learn firsthand from an organization that does everything so right.

"The Justice Fellowship helped me realize my passion for justice work and how to incorporate it into my life."

One of the most important lessons I learned through the Micah Centre came out of our discussion about the definition of Biblical Justice. Professor Nicolai-deKoning taught us that righteousness is being in right relationship -- with others, God, creation, and ourselves. Justice is what you do to be in right relationship. I have always heard that Jesus is found in all of us, or that Jesus is in the poor. Mary Jo Leddy offers a fresh perspective, saying that Jesus is "alive at the border between us and them". During my time at King's, that is where I have seen Jesus: I have seen Him alive in the relationships I have with others at King's; I saw Him during Quest Mexico in the bonds between parents who have sacrificed everything to give their children a better life; God is evident in the community of Kinbrace, where refugees from all over the world come together to create this community that, even during my short time there, I recognized as something magical. God is a God of Justice, and I have experienced God when I see those right relationships.

I hope to continue working for justice as the Micah Centre has inspired me to do so. I have always enjoyed science and my Chemistry degree here at King's has also been extremely valuable. My dream is to work at the interface between science and social justice. In my goals right now, this manifests as a desire to pursue medicine. I hope to eventually be working in marginalized communities, whether that be in rural and Indigenous communities here in Canada, or internationally.

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Medical Doctor