Malik Mate, B.A. Social Sciences '20

Student Experience

My time at King’s has taught me that each issue in our society is more complex than we tend to think initially. I have come to know that the ability to empathize and see all angles of an issue is essential to reaching a common ground and truly solving a problem.

"The people I've met at King’s have helped me learn to breathe, slow down and remember that life is beautiful."

I chose to study Social Sciences because I have two potential career aspirations in mind; education or law. Social Sciences at King’s is teaching me valuable skills that pertain to both careers, things like relating to people from different backgrounds and understanding systems injustices in Canadian society. I did not grow up with a Christian background, and I found the perspective I am offered in class and from my peers refreshing and have helpful in informing my own perspective on big questions.

At King’s I have found many professors, one particularly being Lori Mohacsy, that have really encouraged me to believe in myself. Growing up you often hear the cliché, “you can do anything you set your mind to” and “chase your dreams”. It sounds dumb but when people around you truly care about your success, and believe that you can achieve what you set your mind to, you believe that too.

King's Social Sciences student, Malik Mate

Program at King's

Social Sciences

Graduation Year


Career Aspirations

Teacher or lawyer