Matthew Martin, B.Ed. Secondary '22

Student Experience

It is my dream to become a teacher and to work with children and help them learn and develop into responsible humans. Since the first time I started coaching and teaching young children, it has been a huge driving force in my life. I think it is important to do the things you love in life and have passion for and that is the reason why I chose the Education Program. 

Being able to teach physical education and be involved with physical activity and sports is who I am and it offers valuable life lessons that will teach our students to become lifelong learners themselves and active and responsible community members.

My first practicum was a really positive experience. It was amazing to build relationships with the students and get to know some of their interests and passions and being able to incorporate that into their learning. It was refreshing to see all the hard work that we've put in as King's students paying off in our teaching and classrooms. I was able to use strategies and theories that I learned and put them into practice. It proved to me that not only am I capable of achieving my goal of becoming a teacher, but it really is a passion that is inside of me. Not once during the practicum did I feel like I was unhappy or in the wrong place in my life. I think that is something that will help me inspire my students.

Dr. Margie Patrick has helped me so much since my first year. I feel extremely grateful for having her during my unit planning. She is constantly there for her students. I always feel comfortable asking for help and advice. It is obvious that Dr. Patrick is passionate about teaching, learning and her students. She has inspired me to hopefully pursue a PhD and be able to teach beginner teachers like myself.

My favourite part of being a student at King's is certainly the small classrooms and small community. You are able to learn not only through amazing professors but amazing classmates as well. Everyone is there to help you achieve your goals.

Program at King's

Secondary Education

Graduation Year


Career Aspiration

Physical Education and French Teacher