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Olejuru Anozie, Entrepreneur, Graduate Student, Youth Advisor to the Canadian Government

I recently graduated from the Psychology program with a minor in Biology and am currently pursuing a Masters in Narrative Medicine at Columbia University. I also serve on the Youth Advisory Group for the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada branch of the Canadian government, and continue to serve as the Vice President of my non-profit organization, Hearing the Little Heartbeats. 

At King's I experienced God in more ways than I could ever imagine: in difficult classroom discussions, having coffee with friends, in chapel, even crying in my living room with my roommates after a hard week. Because King's cultivated such a respectful, safe and open community, I felt comfortable asking others and myself questions about my faith, learning from people who believed differently from me, and establishing what I believed. Through my time at King's, God taught me that He is so much more than the box I try to put Him in, and that above all, love is the way Christians are to relate to each other in the world. 

My advice to new students starting their first year of university would be to really take advantage of the wide range of opportunities King's offers: clubs, student leadership, social outreach, academics, athletics etc. Keep an open mind, you might just be surprised by what you find yourself drawn to! 

Olejuru Anozie (B.A. '19)


Bachelor of Arts - Psychology and Biology 

Graduation Year


Current Occupation

Graduate student at Columbia University, Vice President of Hearing the Little Heartbeats and Youth Advisor for the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship branch of the Canadian Government