Olu Olabimtan, B.Sc. Computing Science '22

Student Experience

One thing I've learned at King’s is how different and yet similar we all are as an international community. I used to be an International Student Assistant, and King's gets students from places all over the world, so I've had the chance to hear about so many cultures and practices that differ or overlap with mine. Meeting Christians from different parts of the world is eye-opening in seeing how important some of the things I take for granted are.

The biggest selling point for me coming to King's is that it’s a small university. At King's, chances are your professor knows your first name by the third week and that's a healthy environment for learning. Also the smaller student body means that when you meet people, you can really get to know them over time. I have friends now that I sat with at my orientation.

King's has an amazing computer science program. Having the same two to three professors teach these courses during your time here allows you to get more comfortable with them, and they become like friends or mentors. I completed all my program requirements in the fall and, looking back, I never really had a focus in my program. I took whatever CS course was available and if I had multiple choices, I chose whatever looked new and exciting. Computer science was too big to know what I wanted to make my focus, so I needed the four years to try a bit of everything.

I've been interested in computers and how they work for as long as I can remember. Seeing the range this field has to offer was jarring at first, but also exciting. There are so many disciplines that it's easy to dive into one, like web development or cyber security, and never feel like you know all there is to know about it. Like everything, computer science changes over time, and so you're always learning.

I got the chance to do an internship as a cyber security analyst and man, I have never been so out of my depth like I was those first couple weeks. First of all, I knew nothing about cyber security. Nothing. I'm still not sure how I got the job. But I got to work with some amazing people. They pretty much held my hand through everything I was supposed to do at the start and I got more than enough time to learn things on my own and was gradually given more responsibility.

It was a great experience and I would definitely recommend students apply for internships even if they feel unqualified. I think just being willing to learn new things and asking questions can go a long way.

Program at King's

Computing Science

Graduation Year


Career Aspiration

Software Developer