Lucile Maniraguha, B.Comm. '20

Student Experience

Business at King’s gives students such a unique perspective on the world of business.  The business professors ensure you get so much exposure to the business sector in order to ease student's transition into the work force. We get so many opportunities to network with professionals in different industries.

"I’ve gone through so much growth during my time at King’s, and I believe that the people I’ve surrounded myself with here have helped me through periods of questioning and uncertainty."

I chose business to gain a better understanding of what it would take to start my own fashion line. However, the more I learned in my classes the more I grew an interest in marketing, what motivates employees to do good work, and how to get involved in such a diverse, challenging field.

King's student, Lucile Maniraguha

Program at King's


Graduation Year


Career Aspiration

Entrepreneur or International Business associate