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Rae Madge, Sociology and English

I chose to pursue a sociology degree because I believe that understanding society helps develop empathy and compassion for people as they are. Studying sociology at King's helps me take into account social organization and hierarchy that exists in our world today that favours the privileged at the cost of the wellbeing of the marginalized. Learning this at King’s helps me to understand who I am in relation to others and reveal hopeful solutions to pursue a more just world where all are valued for the unique things they offer. 

The greatest thing you will learn at King’s will be about yourself. Of course, your studies are important, but paying attention to who you are becoming more than the facts you are learning is so important. Let the information you take in fuel your self-discovery, exploration of God, and pursuit of healthy community. Let the content of your classes spur you on in pursuit of the unique expression of Christ that you were made to be. You’re not supposed to be like everyone else! Let yourself wander through disciplines and be aware of what subject matter ignites your spirit. Your greatest gift to this school and this world is to be fiercely, authentically and vulnerably you. 

King's student, Rae Madge


Bachelor of Arts - Sociology and English 

Graduation Year