Dr. Mark Sandle, Humanity and Inhumanity in WWII

Research Profile

Sand Grains in Infinity: Humanity and Inhumanity in WWII is an original approach to the study of the Second World War. It explores the human dimensions of World War II in all their complexity and diversity.

Combining narrative, stories, case-studies, and analysis, this work presents a picture of the war as seen through the lens of the people. Those people who fought and died, the people who survived, the people who waited, the people who were tortured, the people who suffered, and the people who resisted. This work draws from examples across the different theatres of conflict, from the battle-front, the home front, and the prison camp, to provide a holistic account of the war.

A truly human account of the war, this book invites readers to understand the war as it was experienced by others. Due to this, it confronts the lingering ethnic and national stereotypes that continue to distort our perspective on this most important episode of recent history.

King's professor, Dr. Mark Sandle


Dr. Mark Sandle 


PhD in Soviet Studies - University of Birmingham

Field of Research 

World War II