Sarah Clark, B.Com. Business '25

Student Experience

While I was initially led to the business program through a process of elimination, as I learned more about business and the opportunities available through it, I knew that God led me to the right program and that the business program would challenge me to become an independent thinker and problem solver. Gaining these skills are important to me because I know that they develop my character and that I can apply them in every career.

I have enjoyed Dr. Sandle's history course. His emphasis on learning the methods used in studying history are refreshing and his teachings on how to rightly analyze historical documents were new to me. It develops independent thinking and encourages students to think for themselves. This development of the mind is what I think true education should be about.

While I don't have a concrete idea of what I personally hope to be in terms of a career, I simply want to be used by God wherever I go. Right now, I want to be a source of encouragement for people and an example to those who look up to me, such as my younger sister. I wish to continue this in the future and grow deeper in my relationship with Christ.

There is such a wonderful diversity in jobs that are available after graduation. Not only do I have the option to work at different workplaces, such as NGOs, small private businesses, or large multinational companies, but I can also occupy various positions in those companies depending on what I want to specialize in. Additionally, due to our increasingly globalized world, I think that going into a business is a great gateway into working internationally. Then I would be able to utilize various cross-cultural skills and languages that I've gained from growing up overseas.

I love the opportunities that King's provide. As a smaller school, there's a tighter professor-student relationship and they will go to great lengths to help a student achieve their goals. I came into the business program not entirely confident that King's would be able to support me in my desire to work internationally. Not only was I impressed by the business professors' experience internationally, when I chatted with Dr. Kim, he was so excited about my passion for international business. His enthusiasm in turn made me more excited about the future. Professors will bend over backward to help their students succeed and I truly believe that good professors are the key to success.

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Graduation Year


Career Aspiration

International Marketing Manager