Sydney Streu, English and Math

I decided to pursue a degree in English and Math as I want to pursue a career in education. Working with youth is something I am so passionate about and I can’t wait to have a career teaching and mentoring the next generation of students. I have been tutoring students for the past 3 years in Math and thoroughly enjoy it. That was the confirmation I needed to know that I am pursuing my God given calling at King’s. 

My dream following my time at King’s is to travel to abroad to work with children and serve different communities through teaching. My uncle has dedicated his life to building an orphanage in Haiti and I believe being able to spend time in the community there will allow me to pursue my passion and calling, while simultaneously serving the marginalized.

If I can give any advice to new students coming into university it would be this: relax and explore! University is such a great place to look at different fields of study and meet new people from all different backgrounds. King’s is a place that helps you grow through your classes, peers and different on campus opportunities like student leadership! 

King's student, Sydney Streu

Bachelor of Arts - English and Math

Graduation Year