Dr. Elden Wiebe, Associate Professor of Business

Faculty Research

Driscoll, McIsaac, and Wiebe interviewed leaders of small businesses who have integrated spirituality from diverse spiritual traditions into their workplaces. This research contributes to a better understanding of the motives and deeply held values behind the integration of spirituality in the small business workplace, of how spiritual values and meaning are manifest in small business, and of how spirituality can be integrated into small business processes and behaviours.

The researchers build upon previous theoretical development of an authentically and spirituality informed management theory by focusing on the concepts of immanence and involvement, and integration and interconnectedness, as they relate to ethical and socially responsible behaviour in workplaces. Their findings contrast some ways that workplace spirituality has been reported to be institutionalized in the management, spirituality, and religion literature.

King's professor, Dr. Elden Wiebe


Dr. Elden Wiebe  


PhD in Organization Analysis -  University of Alberta

Field of Research 

Intersection between faith and small business practice