York Dudiak, B.Com. Business '23

Student Experience

My favourite part of King's is the community. I have a great relationship with all of my professors, and know that they really care about me and want me to succeed. I can talk to anyone, and know that they will be friendly and helpful. The campus clubs are extremely welcoming, and any campus community is willing to engage if you're interested.

This sounds cheesy, but I've really learned what kind of person I want to be. King's has displayed the value of community and care in and out of the classroom, and does so without limiting student perspective or thinking. King's has shown that hard work pays off, and that students who are willing to put in the extra effort are rewarded. This has informed my perspective on life, and gives me direction in my future aspirations.

The past two years I've been given the opportunity to develop and instruct the Intro to Business lab. I created eight labs, six of which are Excel-based and cover basic management-consulting type problems. The other two include setting up a LinkedIn account for networking, and how to give a business presentation. I love working with the students and being able to share the knowledge I've accumulated throughout my degree, while making connections with the first years.

For me, corporate strategy is the most exciting topic in my degree, and is my favourite class. Corporate strategy is the culmination of the business program, using knowledge from every other business class, and truly displaying the functionality and alignment of every area covered throughout the degree. It calls for logical and analytical thinking, while demanding a creative approach.

My favourite course was the international business trip to Korea. We visited many companies, which widened our perspective about the ways one can do business. We studied ways to engage in cross-cultural business, and business opportunities across nations and continents. Plus, two weeks in Korea with your friends will always be a great time.

Program at King's


Graduation Year


Career Aspiration

Start-up or Consultant