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Zayal Sirdar, Graduate Student

I am currently living in the Netherlands pursuing a Masters in Organizational Behaviour and Work Psychology from Utrecht University. My courses and experiences at King’s prepared me for this, and if I can give any advice to future students it would be this – always ask for help. I have gained many mentors at King’s simply by being authentic and honest when I needed help.

I learnt so much during my time at King’s and met some truly incredible people but one thing stands out for me, the care and community. I took a psychology degree with a drama minor which often meant balancing a heavy academic load with lengthy rehearsal schedules.

One of my fondest memories came during my 3rd year. I was overloaded with classes, rehearsals, work and leadership and volunteering commitments. I walked into Methods and Statistics and my professor said to me: “Zayal, I can tell you are extremely overwhelmed right now. I think you need to give yourself grace and take some time to collect yourself.” I left class, went straight to the costume room, sat with a few friends, and cried over numerous cups of tea. 

I think that’s the beautiful thing about the drama program at King’s, and King’s in general. It’s a place where you can step out of your day-to-day act of having everything together and be your true, authentic self. There are people here in every capacity who are ready to support you.

Zayal Sirdar (B.A. '19)


Bachelor of Arts - Psychology

Graduation Year


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Graduate student in Organizational Behaviour and Work Psychology