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Previous Lectures

Spring 2021

“In All Things Give Thanks”: Cosmic Gratitude and Natural Theology | Joshua Harris
All is Vanity: The Wisdom of Ecclesiastes for Today | Jeffery Dudiak
Hannah Arendt, Charles Taylor, and Christ Jesus: Authenticity in Times of Uncertainty | Raymond Klassen
Following in the Footsteps of Jesus | Robert Huizinga
Working for God and Sustainability: Tales from Two Continents | Joanne Moyer
Astronomy and the Muse | Brian Martin

1 Life 5 Callings Lecture Series

Prayer: Controlling God? Honest with God? Unity with God? | Tim Wood & Witty Sandle
Gender and Sexuality: Disgust and the Ethics of Empathy | Heather Looy
Loving God with Our Whole Heart and the Surprising Lessons of Pornography | Neal DeRoo
Repentance, Reparations, Reconciliation: Some Thoughts on “Missions” after the TRC | William Van Arragon
Learning to Love What God Loves: Pandemic, Poverty, and Prophetic Justice | Jonathan Nicolai-deKoning

Fall 2020

Lessons on Justice from the Book of Romans | Douglas Harink
When Pandemic Meets Poverty | Roy Berkenbosch, Ida Mutoigo
John A's Severed Head and the Politics of Public Memory | Michael Demoor
Christian University Education in Times of Pandemic | Melanie Humphreys
Education for Complexity, Change, Uncertainty, and Resilience | Peter Mahaffy
Crisis Response and Competencies in a Troubled World | Glory Ovie
Why is Sex Such a Big (Moral) Deal? | Heather Looy
A Canadian Culture Born on Foreign Shores | Marco Katz

Spring 2020

Germs of Change: How Disease Reshapes Society | Caroline Lieffers
Coronavirus and Mental Illness: A Reflection on the Stigmata of the Earth | Chris Peet