Financial Wellness

Let's face it, balancing school and life can take a lot of practice and learning how to be financially stable is a big key to that balance.

November in Canada is Financial Literacy Month! Check out the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada website for events and tools.

Many of us have been blessed to learn how to balance a budget, spend and save money from what our parents have taught us. Unfortunately, many others were either taught nothing, or worse, were shown a negative example that can potentially lead to poor money management decisions. What's the big deal you ask? Well, one bad decision often leads us to another and so the best protection for your credit rating and money management is prevention.

This portion of our website is dedicated helping you get the resources that can help you in learning how to manage your money either from a basic level or to just improve on already existing skills. Let us encourage you that it's never too late to learn (especially about money)!