Request for Exam Invigilation

Final exam update: Final exam accommodations cannot be requested using the online system.

All requests for final exam accommodations must be completed using a blue “Request for Exam Accommodations”  form. This form can be picked up from the Student Life Office, or outside of A126. Final Exam Accommodations must be signed by your professor. Thank you!

Request for Exam Accommodations

1. Student must be registered with the Student Success Office prior to receiving exam accommodations.

2. Be sure that you have spoken to each professor prior to the test in order to remind her/him of the accommodations you have been granted.

3. Student must submit completed form to the Student Success Office ONE WEEK prior to scheduled exam, or THREE WEEKS prior to the first day of final exams.

4. Any special requests must be discussed in person with a Student Success Coordinator in Room A126.