Green Wall

The idea was originally proposed by a group of graduating students from the Class of 2016. They dreamed of leaving their legacy on campus in the form of a green wall. "A green wall is a great symbol of our commitment to environmental sustainability and creation care. It's beautiful, functional, and adds to the campus atmosphere."

The class of 2016 have generously pooled their limited resources together, but now it's up to you to help make this dream a reality. With the help of a matching alumni donor, they have already collected over $1200.

The class of 2016 is asking their friends, family, and fellow alumni to contribute to their goal of $5000 with a deadline of just one month to collect donations, both big and small. "We are passionate about building this green wall for all to enjoy, and we're so very grateful for the support we've received from the broader community."

To stay updated on our progress, see the GoFundMe page.

Consider donating a gift of $20.16 or more towards this project.

Thank you for your contribution to this legacy project and for spreading the word across your personal networks.