Organizational Structure

The membership is invited to attend one annual general meeting, usually held in the fall to coincide with King’s annual general meeting and community banquet. The directors usually meet twice per year, in the spring and fall, at the call of the Chair.

Board of directors
The Foundation’s members elect a board of directors comprised of eleven directors, as follows:

  • Two directors representing southern British Columbia
  • One director representing northern British Columbia
  • Two directors representing Calgary/southern Alberta
  • Three directors representing northern and central Alberta
  • Three additional permanent directors – King's President, King's Vice President (who acts as the Foundation's Secretary/Treasurer), and a representative of King’s Board of Governors

Board members serve one three-year term, following which they may be re-elected to a subsequent three-year term, and are elected at the Foundation’s annual general meeting. At that time members also elect a Chair and Vice Chair.

Resource persons (non-voting) are:

  • Foundation Executive Director
  • Foundation Administrative Assistant
  • King’s Director of Development
  • King’s Faculty Representative
  • King’s Student Representative

Current Board of directors

  • Coby Benoit, Edmonton, AB (Chair)
  • Peter Buisman, St. Albert, AB (Vice Chair)
  • John den Haan, Langley, BC
  • Jan DeJong, Calgary, AB
  • Gerry Ebbers, Abbotsford, BC 
  • Carolyn Huisman, Calgary, AB
  • Melanie Humphreys, Edmonton, AB
  • Jim Joosse, Edmonton, AB
  • Teresa Reitsma, Smithers, BC
  • Dan VanKeeken, Edmonton, AB (Executive Director)
  • Ellen Vlieg-Paquette, Edmonton, AB (Secretary/Treasurer)

Investment Committee
In September, 1998, the Foundation adopted an Investment Policy, Guidelines and Objectives, which documents the principles and policies for the investment of the assets of the Foundation. Under its provisions, the Board of Directors appoints an Investment Committee comprised of:

  • Three committee members with no fewer than two members of the Foundation Board, none of whom may be employees of the University;
  • Two ex-officio members:
    • King's Vice President Administration and Finance
    • The Foundation's Executive Director

Elected members will be appointed for a term of three years, renewable at the completion of the term. The Investment Committee meets at least semi-annually. In order to conduct the business of the Investment Committee, no fewer than three members of the Committee must be present, either in person or electronically. The Committee elects its chair from among its members annually.

Current Investment Committee members

  • Harry Boessenkool
  • Jan DeJong
  • Jim Joosse
  • Dan VanKeeken (Foundation's Executive Director)
  • Gordon Vlieg
  • Ellen Vlieg-Paquette