CENGO Networks

Organizations creating communication among various groups or individuals.

Organization Location Summary of Activity
Environmental Issues Network Britain and Ireland Network for Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, focus is mainly on church relations and social development and justice issues
Episcopal Diocese of Minnesota Environmental Stewardship Commission Minnesota, United States States They provide a forum for reflection and discussion on readings regarding Christ, humans, and the environment.
Episcopal Ecological Network United States This nationwide network focuses on reflection, action, and education in advocating the protection the environment and preservation of the sanctity of Creation.
Evangelical Environmental Network  United States Runs campaigns to promote environmental stewardship, provides resources for individuals and churches. Produced An Evangelical Declaration on the Care of Creation.
Friends Energy Project  United States Deals with energy and environmental concerns through providing discussion, links, and information.
Fund for Christian Ecology Idaho, United States Facilitates discussion related to God's creation, humanity's role within it, and the Earth's current environmental crisis. Publishes the Journal of Christian Ecology
Network of Earth-Keeping Christian Communities in South Africa South Africa Seeks at stimulating a concern for the environment and environmental justice, as well as encouraging earthkeeping.
NorthEast Churches EarthCare Group United Kingdom Works for the justice, peace, and integrity of Creation. They promote awareness, provide resources, and develop links between churches.

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