Church-Based CENGOs

Organizations that have originated from or are affiliated with a specific denomination or interdenominational groups.

Organization Location Summary of Activity
Catholic Conservation Center United States Promotes ecology, environmental justice and stewardship of creation in light of Scripture and Roman Catholic Tradition.
Catholic Earthcare Australia Australia Through education, research and advocacy, promotes the understanding that creation is sacred and must be protected for both present and future generations.
Christian Reformed World Relief Committee Ontario, Canada; Michigan, United States A relief, development and educational ministry working internationally for justice; supported by the Christian Reformed Church in North America.
Church and Society Commission of European Churches Europe Focuses on economic, environmental and social issues. Helps churches study from a social ethical perspective and give a voice in relations with political institutions.
Development and Peace Ontario and Quebec, Canada Involved in issues of peace-building, human rights, agrarian reform, education, community development and economic justice in Third World countries. Official international development agency of the Canadian Catholic Church.
Evangelical Fellowship of Canada Canada This national association of evangelical Christians serves as a public advocate of the gospel, expressing biblical views on critical issues.
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America United States Lists of articles and publications on Greek Orthodox views of the environment
National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Working Group United States Provides an opportunity for churches to work together in restoring God's creation through program ideas and resources for engagement in environmental justices.
Sage (Oxford's Christian Environmental Group) United Kingdom Aims to be an environmental voice among Christians and a Christian voice among environmentalists. Promotes environmental through education, outreach, events and programs.
Society, Religion and Technology Project Scotland Purpose is to provide professional expertise and inform technologists, educators, media, the Church and the public about how technology affects lives.
St. Joan of Arc Stewardship Committee United States The St. Joan of Arc Eco-Spirituality Committee plans programs to help us connect our spirituality and sense of justice with the earth, its systems and its creatures.
The General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada Canada Coordinates church efforts in the areas of social, economic and environmental justice. Coordinates with KAIROS. (See Ecojustice).

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