Interfaith CENGOs

Organizations working across different faith-based religions.

Organization Location Summary of Activity
Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life New York, United States Promotes environmental education, scholarship, advocacy and action in the American Jewish community. Links to other Jewish organizations.
Georgia Interfaith Power and Light Georgia, United States Promotes energy conservation and efficiency, renewable energy and related sustainable practices through the Green Energy Purchase Program and Energy Efficiency Program.
Interfaith Council for Environmental Stewardship Washington D.C., United States A network of people to provide theological, scientific and economic perspectives on various issues and support for stewardship.
Interfaith Power and Light Pennsylvania, United States Works with religious organizations to encourage environmental stewardship through energy conservation, faith-based education and renewable power purchasing.
Maine Interfaith Power and Light Maine, United States Seeks to preserve God's creation through encouraging the purchase of 'green power'. A licensed aggregator that serves Maine electricity consumers. 
Massachusetts Interfaith Power and Light Massachusetts, United States Seeks to offer means of reducing energy consumption, lowering operationg costs and promoting renewable energy sources to congregations of all religious traditions.
National Religious Partnership for the Environment United States Integrates care for God's creation through religious life: theology, worship, social teaching, education, congregational life and public policy initiative.
Partners for Environmental Quality United States Seeks to educate, advocate and mobilize the New Jersey faith community on behlf of environmental stewardship and justice.
Religious Campaign for Forest preservation United States A coalition of churches, synagogues and parareligious organizations who are joined by a common concern for forest conservation as a religious issue.
Religious Witness for the Earth United States Sees climate change and environmenatal devastation as issues of justice. Invokes the selfless courage and moral authority of the civil rights movement through prayer, education and nonviolent action.
The Regeneration Project United States Goals are aimed at helping people of faith recognize their responsibility for stewardship of God's creation. The focus is on energy use and climate change.
Web Of Creation United States Works to provide on-line environmental resources for faith-based communities. We believe religion is a crucial factor in issues of ecology and justice.

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