Other Country CENGOs

Organizations based out of countries other than Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


Location Summary of Activity
Catholic Earthcare Australia Australia Through education, research and advocacy, promotes the understanding that creation is sacred and must be protected for both present and future generations.
Christians Respecting Earth and the Environment Australia Aim is to restore earth awareness and promote Eco-theology. Provides information on environmental issues, as well as various links to other organizations. 
ARGE Schopfungverantwortung Austria Seeks to make churches as models of creation-sustaining action. Holds meetings, services classes, retreats and publishes a newsletter.
Earth Justice Ministries Belize People of faith working together for peace; social, economic and environmental justice; and integrity of creation. Activities include worship, outreach, education, witness and advocacy.
Jaguar Creek Belize Seeks to model sustainable development, provides education programs and missions, conservancy, conference center and the Armenia Development Center.
Floresta  Dominican Republic. Strives to reverse deforestation and poverty in the world by transforming the lives of the rural poor by providing loans to establish systems of agroforestry.
Church and Society Commission of European Churches Europe  Focuses on economic, environmental and social issues. Helps churches study from a social ethical perspective and give a voice in relations with political institutions.
A Rocha International  Focuses on research, practical conservation and environmental education. The emphasis is on communities, cooperation and a cross-cultural character.
World Council of Churches Ecumenical Earth Programe  International Believes the challenge of globalization should become a central emphasis and encourages alternative ways towards visible unity in diversity, faith and solidarity.
Environmental Issues Network  Ireland Network for Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, focus is mainly on church relations, social development and justice issues.
Ecology Working Group of the JPIC Promoters Italy Provides a booklet in several different languages that gives information regarding the issue of climate change and Global warming. 
ASSETS Kenya Meets the economic and social needs of the local community through secondary school scholarships; promotes conservation of two of Africa's most important ecosystems. An Initiative of A Rocha.
Floresta Mexico  Strives to reverse deforestation and poverty in the world by transforming the lives of the rural poor by providing loans to establish systems of agroforestry.
Society, Religion and Technology Project Scotland Provides professional expertise and inform technologists, educators, media, the Church and the public about how technology affects lives.
Network of Earth-Keeping Christian Communities in South Africa South Africa  Seeks at stimulating a concern for the environment and environmental justice, as well as encouraging earthkeeping. 
Caritas Internationalis Vatican City  Confederation Catholic relief, development and social service organisations working internationally to build a better world, especially for the poor and oppressed. 

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