Public Education and Research

Organizations that create public awareness, provide resources, and/or conduct research on the environment.

Organization Location Summary of Activity
A Rocha International Focuses on research, practical conservation and environmental education. The emphasis is on communities, cooperation and a cross-cultural character.
American Scientific Association United States Committed to integrity in the practice of science. Holds conferences, provides papers regarding Christian responsibility in science.
ARGE Schopfungverantwortung Austria Seeks to make churches as models of creation-sustaining action. Holds meetings, services classes, retreats and publishes a newsletter.
Au Sable Institute United States Promotes environmental stewardship in actions and knowledge through academic programs, community education, retreats and conferences.
Caring For Creation Canada  Holds conferences for Christian Environmental Professionals.
Christian Ecology Link United Kingdom Provides insight into ecology and the environment through a variety of publications: posters, leafletes, magazines, bulletins, etc.
Christian Environmental Association United States Promotes Biblical environmental stewardship to increase awareness of environmental issues. Participates in many programs and distributes the magazine, Target Earth.
 Christian in Science United Kingdom Seeks to develop Christian views on science and nature and apply them to professional work and the greater scientific community.
Christian Vegetarian Association New Brunswick, Canada; Ohio, United States Supports Christian vegetarians around the world, shares how a vegetarian diet can add meaning to faith and spirituality and represent responsible Christian stewardship.
Christians Respecting Earth and the Environment Brisbane, Australia Aim is to restore earth awareness and promote Eco-theology. Provides information on environmental issues, as well as various links to other organizations.
EarthCare Tennessee, United States Encourages participation in projects by distributing resource materials, maintaining a speaker bureau and helping churches with creation care ministries.
Earthlight Magazine California, United States Semi-annual magazine about spirituality and ecology.
Ecology Working Group of the JPIC Promoters Rome, Italy Provides a booklet in several different languages that gives information regarding the issue of climate change and Global warming.
John Ray Initiative United Kingdom Provides reports, articles and educational resources to develop and communicate a Christian understanding of the environment. Contains links to environmental causes.
Marianist Environmental Education Center Ohio, United States Focuses on ecological restoration, service learning, and educational programming. They seek to develop partnerships in education, restoration, justice and spirituality.
Mennonite Central Committee Ohio, United States Reflects the biblical call to care for the hungry and thirsty, the stranger, the sick and those in prison, also has an environmental focus and offers environmental resources.
Religious Education and Environment Program United Kingdom Provides educational programs, speakers and materials in the fields of spirituality, ecology and religion.

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